Friday Morning Meeting Presentations

Mrs. Dungan's Class

On May 5th, Mrs. Dungan's class shared a video they made to celebrate the end of the year. To see their video, click here.


Pie Face Competition

On April 7th, we had a Pie Face Competition! Because students surpassed our Hoops for Heart fundraising goal of $2000, several "volunteer" teachers were contestants in a celebratory Pie Face Competition. The student who raised the most money individually got to roll the die. Mrs. Brewer emceed the competition. The total raised at LHE was $2450! Thank you to all who participated in helping us raise money for the American Heart Association!

Mrs. Houston's Class

On March 31st, Mrs. Houston's class presented what they've been learning about polar bears. Mrs. Houston's kindergarteners officially adopted a polar bear. They shared interesting facts they learned while researching polar bears and then sang a song about polar bears that was recorded by Mr. Slack.

Thank you for sharing, Mrs. Houston's Class!

Mrs. Little's Class

On March 3rd, Mrs. Little's class sang a song to share what they have been learning about Texas. 

Thank you, Mrs. Little's Class! 

Mrs. Adam's Class

On February 17th, Mrs. Adam's class sang a song to share what they have been learning about money. 

Thank you, Mrs. Adam's Class!

Mrs. Menke's Class

On February 10th, Mrs. Menke's class sang a song to honor our counselor, Mrs. Julie Shaw, in recognition of National Counselor Appreciation Week.

 Thank you, Mrs. Menke's Class AND Mrs. Shaw!

Mrs. Park's Class

On February 3rd, Mrs. Park's class shared what they have been learning about skip counting.

Thank you, Mrs. Park's Class!

Mrs. Maples' Class

This year we are happy to welcome parents to our Morning Meeting assemblies to share about their careers. On January 27th Ms. Dougless shared with us about how she supports LHISD as the PEIMS coordinator and data specialist. Mrs. Etzkorn informed us how she helps people with important documents as an attorney.  

Thank you Ms. Dougless & Mrs. Etzkorn!

Mrs. Dixon's Class

On January 20th, Mrs. Dixon's class shared what they have been learning about fact families.

Thank you, Mrs. Dixon's Class!

Mrs. McCoy's Class

On January 13th, Mrs. McCoy's class shared a song they learned about careers.

Thank you, Mrs. McCoy's Class!

Mrs. Shephard's Class

On January 6th, Mrs. Shephard's class shared a song about the New Year. They pledged to Be Safe, Respectful & Responsible all year long.

Thank you, Mrs. Shephard's Class!

Mrs. William's Class

On December 9th, Mrs. Williams' class shared some holiday songs they learned for their holiday music program.

Williams Morning Meeting

Thank you Mrs. Williams' Class!

Mrs. Kieschnick's Class

 On December 2nd, Mrs. Kieschnick's class shared what they were learning about author's purpose by sharing with us a book they had read in class called Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes.

 You can listen to the story below:


Thank you Mrs. Kieschnick's Class!

Mrs. Jalufka's Class

On November 18th, Mrs. Jalufka's class shared what they were thankful for as well as sang a Thanksgiving song.

Also, we were pleased to have Ms. Nicholson speak to us about her job as a veterinarian.


Thank you Mrs. Jalufka's Class and Ms. Nicholson!

Mrs. Splawn's Class

On November 11th, Mrs. Splawn's kindergarteners gave a presentation to thank our veterans, in honor of Veteran's Day.

Thank you, Mrs. Splawn's Class! Also, THANK YOU VETERANS!

Mrs. Gatlin's Class

On November 4th, Mrs. Gatlin's kindergarteners presented what they had been learning about having courage.

Thanks Mrs. Gatlin's Class!

Mrs. Davis' Class

On October 28th, Mrs. Davis' 1st graders presented what they had been learning about doubles facts.

We were also pleased to have Mrs. Allaire tell us about her job as a physical therapist. She did a great job!

Finally, Mrs. Bowman led some friends in presenting what they had been learning about getting along with others during Lunch Bunch.

Thank you everyone!

Mrs. Tuffentsamer's Class

On October 14th, Mrs. Tuffentsamer's pre-kindergarteners presented what they had been learning about school and rules.

Thank you Mrs. Tuffentsamer's class!

Mrs. Wilson's Class

On October 7th, Mrs. Wilson's pre-kindergarteners presented what they had been learning about pets and families.

Also this week, Captain Corker shared about her job as a nurse for the Air Force. We loved hearing about how she serves our country!

Thank you Mrs. Wilson's class and Captain Corker!

Mrs. Newman's Class

On September 23rd, Mrs. Newman's kindergarteners presented what they learned after reading The Recess Queen by Alexis O'Neill.

Also this week, Mr. Shaver shared about his job in chemical sales. He did a great job connecting his career with everyday objects the kids recognized.

Thank you Mrs. Newman's class and Mr. Shaver!