Nurse Office Reminders
Please call the school if your child is sick.

* Our handbook states, a student who is ill should be kept home until the student is without fever or other symptoms (vomiting, diarrhea, etc.) without the use of medications, for 24 hours. 

* Orthopedic Injuries
If your child comes with an ace bandage, splint, and/or arm sling please provide a Doctor's note.
An order from your Doctor is required for crutches or wheel chairs

Accidents Happen 
There are many types of accidents that can occur in an Elementary School. Here are just a few... nosebleed, mud, cafeteria spills, buttons popping off, bathroom accidents, spilled paint in art class, etc. Please pack an extra set of clothes in your child's backpack.  

Current Phone Numbers 
Please update the school with current telephone numbers and e-mail addresses as they change. It is important we are able to reach you quickly if your child is ill or an emergency situation should happen.